National Experience

We offer national real estate research experience ranging from site-specific developments to citywide and statewide housing needs assessments.

About Us

Bowen National Research conducts real estate market analysis on a variety of housing and commercial development alternatives throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Ranging from site-specific market feasibility studies to community-wide needs assessments, our firm is experienced in working in both rural and urban markets. With a national apartment database of nearly 100,000 properties, state-of-the-art geospatial capabilities, and comprehensive demographic and economic data, our firm is positioned to help others make well-informed and data-driven strategic decisions.

Where We Began

Patrick Bowen is the founder and President of Bowen National Research.  In 2010, after 14 years in the real estate research industry, Bowen and eight other individuals who were emboldened with a common purpose launched Bowen National Research.  Today, the firm is a nationally recognized organization with dozens of highly skilled and experienced real estate researchers and analysts.   Affordable housing is personal to Bowen. Many years ago, he secured affordable housing to start life with his young family.  It set him on a course to become a principal advocate in the housing industry as the owner of one of the nation’s leading real estate research and analysis firms.   He understands the important role that safe and affordable housing played in his own life and has committed himself and the efforts of his staff to providing essential market research that helps secure affordable housing for others.

Where We've Been

Over 470,000 Miles

Whether traveling by road or by air, this is equivalent to a trip to the moon and back.

Over 1,787 Cities

We've visited many diverse communities across the country, and we look forward to where you may send us next!

Over 95,000 Properties

Our extensive rental housing database includes subsidized, affordable, and market-rate projects.

Our Process

Our comprehensive approach includes an analysis that begins with in-house and field research of the market, as well as the development alternatives we are studying. This includes the analysis of detailed economic and demographic data, which incorporates state-of-the-art geographic information.

How We Make It Happen

We are an active member of the National Council of Housing Market Analysts (NCHMA), ensuring that our studies meet the market analysis industry’s highest standards.

Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • In-house and field research of the market
  • Development alternatives and additional factors
  • Analysis of detailed economic and demographic data
  • State-of-the-art geographic information systems that provide useful geographically referenced information
  • Macro-level analysis of market conditions
  • Site or product-specific market characteristics that can impact potential development

What's In A Study

We provide several different studies to accommodate needs in a variety of fields and specializations. We have four standard types of studies listed below and details regarding contents and typical time frames for each. You can also view our Market Studies Components and Process slideshow that delves into what we put in our studies.

Level of Housing Study


Capture Rate


Preliminary Study

Full Study

Primary Market Area
Economic Overview
On-Site Analysis
Supply Survey
Capture Rate (Demand)
Absorption Projections
Recommendations & Conclusions *
Typical Time to Complete
1-2 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
3-4 Weeks
4-5 Weeks

*Written to comply with guidelines set by the state finance agency, HUD, lender, etc.

Trusted Service

Our firm has provided studies for the housing needs of farmworkers, Native Americans, disabled populations, homeless, energy extraction employees, seniors, and more for over 10 years.

Our Goal

We strive to provide comprehensive, accurate, and informative real estate assessments that enable leaders in both the public and private sectors to make data-driven strategic decisions.  The Bowen staff has more than 100 years of combined experience in real estate research and analysis. We’ve conducted more than 5,000 market studies throughout the United States, serving more than 1,700 communities. We value the opportunity to work with developers, community leaders, and investors and we understand the importance of developing lasting relationships.  Collaborating with industry professionals continues to deepen our understanding of their needs and the needs of the housing industry as a whole.