Bowen National Research applies a hands-on approach with every market assessment. The company maintains a staff of in-house researchers and market analysts, each experienced and knowledgeable in the aspects that go into a thorough and complete market analysis. Because each market can have unique factors, our staff is trained to identify and evaluate each factor and its impact on the overall market.  Read more about our experience or browse  our statewide housing surveys.

Residential Market Studies

Residential Market Studies: LIHTC, Government Subsidized, HUD, Rent Comparison

Whether you are in need of a site-specific market analysis, or a preliminary analysis to help best position your project for the selected market, Bowen National Research provides multiple levels and types of residential market analysis.

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Our Residential Market Studies services include:

  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits/4% Tax-Exempt Bond
  • Government-Subsidized
  • Market-Rate
  • HUD Section 8, 202, 811
  • USDA RD 515 & 514/516
  • Tribal Housing
  • Farm Labor Housing
  • Student Housing
  • For-Sale Housing (Single-Family and Condominium)

Senior Care Facilities

Senior Housing: Independent Living, Congregate Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Care, HUD 232 LEAN

Bowen National Research can provide you with various levels of analysis for senior housing, including Independent Living, Congregate Care, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Nursing Care and the HUD 232 LEAN program.

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Our Senior Housing Studies services include:

  • Continuing Care Retirement Community
  • Independent Living
  • Congregate Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
  • Nursing Care

Housing Needs Assessments

GIS Services: Custom Maps, Geocoding, Demographic Analysis, Site Selection

Our extensive experience in conducting housing needs assessments on a city, county, regional and statewide level can be a benefit to you!

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  • Establishment of Primary & Secondary Study Areas, as well as Submarkets
  • Extensive Demographic Analysis
  • In-Depth Economic Overview
  • Housing Supply Surveys: Rental, For-Sale, Senior Care, Student, Mobile Homes, Non-Conventional Rentals, Vacation Homes, Etc.
  • Special Needs Analysis
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Resident Surveys
  • Blight Identification
  • Development Opportunity Identification
  • Housing Gap Analysis
  • Program Overview and Recommendations
  • Creative Solutions to Future Housing Demand

Custom Research

Other Research:  Office, retail, commercial, self-storage, city, county, statewide housing needs assessments

Bowen National Research has extensive experience in providing many other types of research and analysis, including office, retail/commercial, self-storage, and more.

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Other research services include:

  • Office Space
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Self-Storage
  • Revitalization
  • Repositioning Reports